Pally Beacon


This is the description of the pally beacon


Product Description


ACEBLE103 module is a single mode Bluetooth Low Energy end product, built on the highly power efficient TI CC254x system-on-chip solution. It enables robust BLE master or slave nodes to be built with very low total bill-of-material costs.

ACEBLE103 offers all Bluetooth Low Energy features including radio, stack, profiles and application space for customer applications. Many applications can be implemented without an external processor. All TI CC254x’s GPIO is available.

ACEBLE103 has been tested with radio coverage of up to 50 meters (164 feet) with direct line of sight.

ACEBLE103 can be powered directly with a standard 3V coin cell batteries or a pair of AA/AAA batteries. In power sleep mode 2 (with 32k Oscillator on), it consumes less than 1μA.LogoBluetoothSmart1 Pally Beacon